Pressure Pumps

Pressure pumps are needed wherever water is drawn from a tank to provide pressurised water supply for homes or recreational vehicles. A decent pressure pump comes equipped with an automatic pressure switch that detects when a tap is opened and then starts pumping.

When sizing a pressure pump one needs to consider the maximum vertical lift (also known as head), the total number of outlets to be serviced, suction lift (if tank is below pump), the pump's physical location (shelter), and frequency of usage.

DC pressure pumps should be limited to supplying 1 or 2 taps and are therefore not suitable to service even small Australian households with enough water / pressure. Hence Rainbow Power Company recommends 230V household pumps, even for stand alone solar systems.

Note: the below examples only feature pumps (not pump systems). Rainbow Power Company does not install pumps or pump systems.

Shower head, running water

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DC Pressure Pumps

washing potatos

DC Pressure pumps are commonly found in caravans, boats, motor homes or even bush cabins. They are sized to fit into the smallest of compartments and only weigh a few kilos. Most importantly, DC powered pumps are much more energy efficient and also do not require a battery inverter.

DC pressure pumps are designed for intermittent duty in small plumbing systems only. If you seek a pump for a residential household you will need an AC pump instead.

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Global Features

Jabsco DC Pump

  • 12V / 24V models
  • Min 11 litres per minute
  • Self priming
  • Run dry capacity
  • Low current draw
  • Include inline filter

Price: from $220

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AC Pressure Pumps

Bathroom tap, dripping

A good domestic pump should deliver at least 20L a minute which is around the same rate as a typical town water tap; but most AC pumps will deliver more than this to account for concurrent use of multiple outlets.

Our Grundfos CM Booster Home pressure pumps deliver up to 66 litres per minute. They feature a suction lift of up to 8 metres (4m self priming !) and power consumption may be as low as 400 Watts.

Read more about 230V Household Pressure Pumps.

Global Features

Grundfos CM Booster Pump

  • Stainless steel
  • Pressure manager
  • Run dry protection
  • Non-return valve
  • Self priming
  • Suction Lift
  • IP55 protection class

Price: from $1,141

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