Solar System Inspections

If your grid connect solar system stopped working, or if you are unhappy with its performance, the system may need to be thoroughly inspected to determine the cause of the trouble.

An inspection involves:

  • Diagram - System matching
  • Performance review
  • Shading Calculations
  • Safety Aspects
  • Compliance

Recent audits have identified some compliance issues with grid feed solar installations around Australia - including incorrectly wired DC circuit breakers.

An incorrectly installed switch (known as the DC circuit isolator) poses a possible safety risk if the system is not shut down in the correct sequence under special circumstances.

Inspections by Experts

Rainbow Power Company is one of the most experienced installers in NSW - in operation since 1987. We guarantee our installations to be "safe and sound", and we now offer an inspection service of grid connect solar photovoltaic systems to determine performance, safety and compliance with Australian Standards.

You will get a full report of our findings, and a quote to address the found issues (if any).


An inspection service is $200 plus travel (time & kilometres).