Sundaya Apple - Solar Regulators

The Apple is a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) charge / discharger regulator with a unique battery forced health improvement feature (FHI©). The Apple is equipped with an alarm to warn the user when battery is close to forced disconnect. The Apple uses latest technology ultra efficient switching components, which results in an extremely low voltage drop and almost no heat generation.

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" could be an advertising slogan for their device, since charge controllers are the health guards of solar batteries. Above all, they prevent a reverse current from the battery to the solar generator when there is no light input, and they prevent overcharging, which leads to gassing and loss of water and would dramatically reduce lifetime. Sundaya's Apple - as green in colour as a Granny Smith apple disconnects the load when the battery is in danger of being too deeply discharged.

The round shaped Apple is equipped with 11 LEDs. In order to extend battery lifetime, it has to be fully charged, and for that purpose the Apple runs in the so-called penalty mode. If the load cycles too long on a low charging level, the cut off level is increased by a specific voltage step and the load is disconnected to let the sun charge up the batteries again. It employs the penalty point system, or Forced Health Improvement (FHI), where a microprocessor gradually adapts the voltage thresholds.

The Apple works with the series principle, meaning that overcharging of the battery is prevented by open-circuiting the solar generator.

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