Truck / Bus Converter Kits

Ready for a road trip? Our Off-Road Solar Systems are for those who would like to convert an old truck or bus into a serious motor homes.

Most buses or trucks have a 24V starter battery and corresponding alternator. That does not mean the system you install has to be 24 volt as well.

If you have a range of 12 volt appliances/lights, it is advisable to get a 12 volt system to suit. If most of your appliances are 230V AC, a 24 volt system is recommended, as it supports larger inverters. Both systems still require a battery isolator to ensure that the starter battery is not drained by household items.

Off-Road Solar Systems are supplied as DIY kits and exclude cables and brackets/framing.

Converted Fire Truck

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Off-Road Solar System Examples

24V-12V Off-Road Solar Kit

Motorhome sketch

This 12 volt Off-Road Solar System will power lights, radios, chargers, laptop, TV, a pump, a fan and a small DC fridge.

The system features a 24V to 12V down-converter. The device is a two stage battery charger (lead acid batteries only) and is superior in performance when compared with an alternator. The converter also allows for some voltage drop which means the starter battery and secondary battery do not have to be close to each other.

The solar panels require at least 3.8m² roof space.

The 12V Off-Road Kit includes:

Victron DC-DC Voltage converter
Voltage Converter

24- 12 Volts - 25 Amps

  • 2 x 370W Trina Solar™ Honey Black Module® panels
  • 1 x 50A Victron MPPT regulator
  • Powertech 12V 200Ah Lithium Ion Battery
  • 24DC-12DC converter/charger
  • 650W Victron battery inverter
  • Fusing

Price: from $3250 info icon

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24V-24V Off-Road Solar Kit

Bus sketch

This 24 volt Off-Road Solar System will run lights, radios, chargers, laptop, TV & DVD, a pump, a fan and a small DC fridge.

This system utilises the charging power of the vehicle's alternator directly. For this to work, the Leoch battery bank [dimensions in metres: 0.6(W) x 0.32(D) x 0.3(H)] must be installed near the starter battery. If this cannot be done due to space restrictions, an additional "24V to 24V Power Conditioner" is required.

The solar panels require at least 4m² roof space.

The 24V Off-Road Kit includes:

Victron 1000W Inverter
Victron Energy

1000 Watt Inverter

  • 4 x 370 Watt Trina solar panels
  • 1 x 50A Victron MPPT regulator
  • PowerPlus 24V 127Ah Lithium Ion Battery
  • Battery isolator
  • Victron 1000W battery inverter
  • Victron 16A battery charger
  • Fusing

Price: from $6690 info icon

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