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Baintech PowerTop Lithium Battery - 50Ah - 12V

Baintech PowerTop Lithium Battery - 50Ah - 12V

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Portable Lithium Power Bank

Go off-grid with the Baintech Lithium PowerTop. Equipped with 50Ah of lithium battery cells, you can power your DC fridge, lights, phone, and everything in between.

Powerful yet lightweight, take your PowerTop camping, mount in your vehicle, or use at home when there's a black out. If you are after a simple plug and play solution to power your DC fridge - the Baintech PowerTop will keep your essentials running, without the fuss and cost of installing a dual battery set up.

- 50Ah Lithium Battery
- 2 X Ciga Sockets
- 1 X Engel Sockets
- 2 X Dual USB A type
- 2 X Dual USB C type
- 3 X Anderson Connectors
- Voltmeter
- Fuses
- under 12kg


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