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Clenergy PostMount - 2 Solar Panel Post Mount Frame

Clenergy PostMount - 2 Solar Panel Post Mount Frame

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Clenergy PV-ezRack PostMount delivers flexible, effective and durable designs to mount 2 large solar panels (e.g. Trina 370W) per pole.

The PostMount system is high quality product designed to save you time and money on site.
All Clenergy PV-ezRack PostMount systems use patented PV-ezRack rails ensuring strength, flexibility and ease of installation. The adjustable angle cap enables the angle to be easily and quickly adjusted from 0 degree to 60 degree.
Comes with 2400mm galvanised pole, suitable for wind zone 'A, B, C & D' (see "Wind Regions in Australia" and "engineering certificate" in Downloads tab.)

The kit includes
1) End Clamp
2) Inter Clamp
3) Galvanize Pole
4) Steel Cap
5) Adjust Tube
6) Master Tube
7) Angle Bracket
8) Light Rail
9) U Bolt


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