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Clenergy SolarTerrace III - 5.2m Ground Mount Frame Kit

Clenergy SolarTerrace III - 5.2m Ground Mount Frame Kit

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Ground mount frame kit - SolarTerrace III.

Suitable for 8 x standard solar panels (30-46mm thick). Please note, the kit must be mounted and secured on an appropriate foundation. View a Video Tutorial.

Clenergy PV-ezRack SolarTerrace III is a pre-assembled ground mount system suitable for large scale commercial and utility scale installations.

PV-ezRack SolarTerrace III has been developed to fit all major solar panels, including thin-film modules. The innovative and patented SolarTerrace III T rails simplify and improve the accuracy of the installation. The frame kit consists of high quality components and yet delivers exceptional value per watt installed.

SolarTerrace III provides a strong and sturdy structure that is suitable for use in high wind (and snow) load environments. Please review the installation manual before installing your SolarTerrace III system (see downloads).

The manual also provides supporting documentation for building permit applications relating to PV-ezRack SolarTerrace III Mounting system, as well as planning and installation instructions for SolarTerrace III.

SolarTerrace III products, when installed correctly, will be structurally adequate and will meet the AS1170 standards. The installer is solely responsible for correct frame configuration and installation.

4 x 5200mm 'T'-rails
20 x combination mid/end clamps (30-46mm)
2 x 30° truss support assembly with foot plates
16 x 'T'-rail clamps
32 x stainless steel cable clips
4 x Ground Lugs
4 x Girder extension


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