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Grundfos SQFlex 1.2-3N - Submersible AC/DC Pump - 250m Head

Grundfos SQFlex 1.2-3N - Submersible AC/DC Pump - 250m Head

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The 1.2-3N is a low to medium flow, high head submersible pump with a helical rotor. The 74mm diameter pump can be installed vertically as a bore pump (minimum bore hole ø 76mm) or - in combination with the float kit  [PMX-GFSQF] - horizontally as a floating pump on a dam or similar water source.

Superior Performance Pump

The 1.2-3N SQFlex pump delivers around 1030-1330 litres per hour @ 90 to 250 metres head.
pumping graph

The pump comes with 2m cable, water level electrode & socket and cable guard.

Please also view our Solar Bore Pump System Examples and follow the links for a full system quote.

Protection and Safe Guards

The SQF pump is protected against dry running which is activated by the included water level electrode placed on the motor cable 0.3-0.6m above the pump, depending on pump type.

The pump will cut out if the voltage falls outside the permissible voltage range, and cuts back in when voltage returns to permissible range. In case the upper load limit is exceeded, the motor will automatically compensate for this by reducing the speed, thus preventing motor burnouts.

The pump is driven by a highly efficient permanent magnet motor (PM motor) which radiates very little heat to its surroundings. As extra protection, the electronic unit has a built-in temperature sensor. Should the temperature rise above 85°C, the motor automatically cuts out. When the temperature has dropped to 75°, the motor automatically cuts in again.

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

The SQFlex has a built-in with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) function. Thanks to MPPT, the pump duty point is continuously optimised according to the input power available. MPPT is only available for pumps connected to DC supply (eg Solar Panels).

As the integrated electronic unit enables the motor to handle both DC and AC supply voltages, it makes no difference how the wires "+" and "-" or "N" and "L" are connected. The wide input voltage range of 30-300V DC or 90-24V AC allows the pump to be installed in various setups.

The pump is made of type AISI 316 stainless steel for slightly aggressive water.


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