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myEnergi harvi

myEnergi harvi

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No need for batteries, hardlines, or wires
harvi is a clever little device that allows the zappi and eddi to be installed without a wired CT clamp. The harvi is an energy-harvesting wireless sensor � an essential part of the installation process that saves time and money.
It eliminates unsightly wiring, prevents disruption to your home decor, and enables the myenergi product family to be installed without using a hardwired current transformer.

No power needed
harvi enables your zappi and eddi products to be installed without using a wired current transformer (CT); instead the CT is connected to harvi directly.
No power source is needed for harvi � the energy from the CT is harvested and used to transmit the measurement signal to the zappi or eddi.
harvi is fully compliant with worldwide power grid�standards and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Perfect combo
Perfectly pair all your myenergi devices easily, go wireless with harvi and control your home�s flow of energy with the myenergi hub & app.


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