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Pump Controller "IO 101" - Grundfos SQFlex Systems

Pump Controller "IO 101" - Grundfos SQFlex Systems

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IO 101 SQFlex Switch Box

The IO 101 has an on/off switch and functions as a connection box between the pump and the solar panel array. It allows manual switching to generator or AC power.

The unit has a 3 pin AC plug which will enable the system to be used with a small 240 volt generator which will allow you pumping water at night. It will switch automatically back to solar power when it loses AC power.

The IO 101 switch box is designed specifically for solar powered SQFlex systems. The IO 101 enables the connection of a generator supply back-up in case of insufficient solar radiation.

The switching between solar power and generator must be made manually. In case the generator is stopped manually or runs out of fuel, the IO 101 will automatically switch to the PV array.

If you also want to include float sensors for automatic pump cut-out you also need the CU 200 Control Unit  [PMX-GCU200].

Technical data:
- DC: Max. 225 V, PE.
- AC: Max. 265 V, 50/60 Hz, PE.


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