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Rainbow Power Pouch - 20A - Bare Bone Compilation Pack

Rainbow Power Pouch - 20A - Bare Bone Compilation Pack

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Pre-wired Power Pack

This box is a the "bare bone" component of our stationary Power Pouch. To make it a fully operational solar system you have to add a 12V solar panel (85-140W) with MC4 connectors and a suitable sealed deep cycle battery (100Ah). Please consult our Power Pouch calculator to quickly compose a complete solar system.

The components of this pre-wired bare bone package are:
- battery container
- battery condition indicator built into lid
- a 20A Sundaya Apple regulator
- 2x fused cigarette lighter socket with rubber seals
- Sundaya Hub5 connector with extension cord
- Fuses and internal cabling
- 7m solar cable with F-Plug and MC4 connectors
- Battery strap
- Manual
- Spare fuses

Again: This is not a complete solar system. You need to add a solar panel and a battery.

Outside size incl lid and regulator (mm): 410(L) x 230(W) x 330(H)
Base size (mm): 345(L) x 198(W)
Inside size (mm):340(L) x 190(W) x 225(H)


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