BAE Secura PVV Gel Block - Solar Batteries

BAE Secura PVV block Gel batteries are compact and powerful valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries - perfect for solar power systems. They are used in grid-interactive as well as in off-grid solar systems. Made by BAE Batterien GmbH in Germany, and available in 287 to 431 Amp Hour capacity.

We sell the Secura PVV Solar Block range from BAE. The Secura PVV Solar is a Gel type battery that comes in 2 x 6 volt blocks. All prices for BAE batteries on our website (as with all our batteries) are for 12 volt sets. The interconnecting straps are included in the price.

BAE solar batteries are rated ~7500 cycles @ 20% Depth of Discharge (meaning your battery remains 80% full). Due to the high cycle life requirements tubular plates are used. They are made for indoor use.

No Maintenance

Gel batteries do not require top ups, the only maintenance that should be performed is:

  • Voltage and temperature check (every 6 months)
  • Battery connection check (every 12 months)


Positive Electrode Tubular-plate with a polyester gauntlet and solid grids in a corrosion-resistant PbCaSn-alloy
Negative Electrode Grid-plate in PbCaSn alloy with long life expander material
Separation Microporous separator
Electrolyte sulphuric acid with a density of 1.24 kg/l, fixed as GEL by fumed silica
Container and Lid High impact, SAN (Styrol-Acrylic-Nitrile), grey coloured, UL-94 rating: HB
Valve one valve per cell with flame arrestor, opening pressure approx. 120 mbar
Pole-bushing 100% gas- and electrolyte-tight, sliding, plastic-coated 'Panzerpol'
Protection IP 25 regarding EN 60529, touch protected according to VBG 4

Operational data

Depth of discharge (DoD) Max 80 % (Ue = 1.91 V/cell for discharge times > 10h; 1.80 V/cell for 1h), deep discharge of more than 80 % DoD have to be avoided
Initial charge current unlimited, the minimal charge current has to be 1.5A/100Ah C10
Floating voltage 2.25V/cell
Adjustment of
charge voltage
no adjustment necessary if battery temperature is between 10°C and 45°C in the monthly average, otherwise δU/δT = -0.003 Vpc/K
Recharge to 100 % Within a period of one up to 4 weeks
IEC 61427 cycles 2100 (A+B) @ 40°C
Battery temperature -20°C to 45°C, recommended temperature range 10°C to 30°C
Self-discharge approx. 2 % per month at 20°C
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BAE Secura 12V 279Ah 2x6V VRLA Gel
BAE Secura - 279Ah - 12V (2x6V)Deep Cycle Battery from BAE, Secura PVV Block solar - Valve regulated lead-acid batteries. Capacity @ 100 hours: 279 Ah, @ 20 hours: 244 Ah[BAT-B0280]
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BAE Secura 12V  350Ah 2x6V VRLA Gel
BAE Secura - 350Ah - 12V (2x6V)Deep Cycle Battery from BAE, Secura PVV Block solar - Valve regulated lead-acid batteries. Capacity @ 100 hours: 350 Ah, @ 20 hours: 306 Ah[BAT-B0350]
Special Order
BAE Secura 12V  421Ah 2x6V VRLA Gel
BAE Secura - 421Ah - 12V (2x6V)Deep Cycle Battery from BAE, Secura PVV Block solar - Valve regulated lead-acid batteries. Capacity @ 100 hours: 421 Ah, @ 20 hours: 368 Ah[BAT-B0420]
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