Flooded Lead Acid Deep Cycle Batteries

Sealed Gel Sealed AGM Flooded Lithium-Ion

We sell flooded (or wet cell), open-vented deep cycle batteries from Trojan and Raylite. Most of these batteries come in multiple physical cells that are interconnected to make a 12 volt battery bank. Nearly all batteries listed on the RPC website are 12V sets.

Flooded lead-acid batteries require periodic maintenance. At least once a month the electrolyte level (water level) of each cell should be determined and corrected when necessary (using demineralised or distilled water only). We recommend a GEFO hydrometer for this procedure. All flooded batteries have removable caps on top of each cell for inspection and for refills with distilled water when required.

The charging (and discharging) process of flooded lead acid batteries produces a corrosive and explosive gas. Therefore, flooded batteries must

  • Be ventilated (to outside)
  • Be kept upright
  • Sit in a battery tray (think acid spillage)
  • Be protected by a vermin proof enclosure

Furthermore, battery warning and emergency treatment signs must be clearly displayed to comply with Australian standards as flooded lead acid batteries are classified as hazardous (for transport and OH&S).

We stock all the above mentioned battery accessories.

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Trojan  250 Ahr 2 x 6V (T105)
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Trojan "T105" - 250Ah - Deep Cycle - 12V SetOne of the most successful traction batteries available. Made in USA. A lot of other companies copy this battery, beware of cheaper imitations.
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Trojan  255 Ahr 2 x 6V (T105) (RE)
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Trojan "T105 RE" - 255Ah - Deep Cycle - 12V SetThe extra height on these RE models allows for more electrolyte in the cells (to improve cycle life). Made in USA.
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