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We sell monitors, alarms, heating elements, sensors, shunts, cables and adaptors for our range of regulators / charge controllers.

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Low Battery Alarm for Plasmatronics Regulator
Low Battery Alarm for Plasmatronics PL RegulatorsAlarm for Plasmatronics PL regulator (PL20, PL40 or PL60). The Buzzer will sound whenever the battery voltage goes below a preset value.[REG-050]
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AERL EarthGuard - Ground fault protection device 300V
AERL EarthGuard EG300 - Ground Fault Protection DeviceEarth fault protection for solar (PV) and battery storage systems. Meets requirements for AS/NZ 5033:2014 and AS/NZ 5139:2019[RGX-EG300]
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Ground fault protection device 150V
Morningstar - Ground Fault Protection DeviceMorningstar's Ground Fault Protection Device provides superiour protection for both off-grid and on-grid PV systems.[RGX-M150]
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PLS2 External Shunt Adapter
External Shunt Adapter "PLS2"The PLS is a shunt adapter that interfaces with the PL Regulator hence monitoring everything going in and out of the battery bank.[RGX-P01]
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PLA Plasmatronics Alarm Module
Plasmatronics Alarm Module "PLA"The PLA Alarm Module allows up to 3 Plasmatronics PL charge controllers to work together. It makes system performance data retrieval easier.[RGX-P02]
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Dingo DUSB Interface
Dingo DUSB Computer Interface - USB 2.0The Dingo DUSB interface provides a USB interface to a PC allowing the user to download data from the controller and change settings if required.[RGX-P06]
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Plasmatronics Dingo Battery Temp Sensor DTB
Plasmatronics Dingo Battery Temperature Sensor "DTB"Battery Temperature Sensor, with 3m cable for Plasmatronics Dingo 20/20 regulator. Lug Hole: 10mm.[RGX-P07]
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External Shunt 200A - 75mV With Base
DC Current Shunt - 200A/75mV - External with Base200 Amp 75 mV current shunt suitable for all Plasmatronics regulator installations, with insulating base. 8mm bolts for main leads.[RGX-P200]
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Shielded WYS Cable 3m for PL20/40
Shielded Cable "WYS" - For PL20 & PL40 Regulators3 metre shielded communication cable "WYS" for Plasmatronics PL20 & PL40 regulators. Longer cables can be supplied.[RGX-P28]
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Shielded WXS Extension Cable 3m for PL regulators
Shielded Extension Cable "WXS" - For PL RegulatorsExtend communication cables to/from Plasmatronics PL regulators with this 3 metre shielded extension cable "WXS". RJ12 male both ends.[RGX-P30]
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Solid State Relay 24V 30A DC (with heatsink)
Solid State Relay for Plasmatronics PL - 24 Volt - 30 AmpIncrease the charging capability of your Plasmatronics PL regulator by 30 amps. Suitable for 24V battery systems.[RGX-R30-2]
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Victron Color Control GX CCGX Interface
Victron Color Control GX - Remote System MonitoringThe Color Control GX provides intuitive control and monitoring and forwards data to VRM online portal website.[RGX-V100]
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Victron Venus GX Interface
Victron Venus GX - Remote System MonitoringThe Venus GX provides intuitive control and monitoring, and forwards data to VRM online portal website.[RGX-V101]
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Victron CCGX WiFi Module Long Range (Netgear AC1200)
Wi-Fi Module for Victron Color Control GX (USB)Long range USB Wi-Fi dongle requires firmware v1.16 or higher on the Victron Color Control GX monitor.[RGX-V105]
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Wall Mounted Enclosure For Victron Color Control
Wall Mounted Enclosure - Victron Color Control GXDisplay enclosure (rectangular panel) for Victron Color Control GX or VE.Net Blue Power Panel GX. Dimensions (mm): 163(H) x 135(W) x 72(D)[RGX-V106]
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Victron VE Direct Cable 1.8m
Victron VE.Direct to VE.Direct Cable - 1800mmVE.Direct is Victron's own protocol used to transmit data between Victron devices (e.g BlueSolar MPPT regulator and BMV-700).[RGX-V110]
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Victron USB Interface .9m
Victron VE.Direct to USB Cable - 900mmShort patch cable to connect a Victron MPPT BlueSolar regulator to a computer - required to change settings.[RGX-V111]
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Victron VE Direct Cable 0.9m
Victron VE.Direct to VE.Direct Cable - 900mmVE.Direct cable (0.9m) for Victron protocol to transmit data between Victron devices (e.g BlueSolar MPPT regulator and BMV-700).[RGX-V113]
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Right Angle 0.9M VE Direct Cable
Victron VE.Direct to VE.Direct Cable - 900mm - 90° PlugVE.Direct cable (0.9m) for Victron protocol to transmit data between Victron devices. Features one right angle plug.[RGX-V114]
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VE Direct to BlueTooth Dongle
Victron - VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart DongleView information or adjust settings on your Victron MPPT regulator via VE.Direct communication port using a smart phone or tablet.[RGX-V115]
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Cat 5e Cable 2M RJ45
Cat 5e Patch Cable - 1.5 metres - RJ45 PlugsHigh quality data cable with RJ45 network plugs with gold plated contacts. Supports 1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet.[RGX-V116-2]
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Victron Cerbo GX Interface
Victron Cerbo GX - Remote System MonitoringThe Cerbo GX ensures that all system components work in harmony. Monitor via optional screen or via internet and VRM Portal.[RGX-VGX-CERBO]
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Victron GX Touch 70  (used with Cerbo)
Victron GX Touch 70 - 7 inch DisplayTouch screen display accessory for Victron Cerbo GX system monitor. Slim waterproof design, top mountable for simple installation.[RGX-VGX-TOUCH-70]
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Victron SmartSolar Pluggable Display
Victron SmartSolar Control DisplayThe pluggable Control Display is an optional LCD screen for Victron SmartSolar Charge Controllers.[RGX-VM001]
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Victron Touch 70 wall mount
Victron GX Touch 70 Wall MountWall mount accessory for Victron GX Touch 70 displays. No cut out required.[RGX-VTOUCH70-WM]
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Adaptor - RJ12 Joiner Female/Female
Adaptor - RJ11 Joiner - Female to FemaleRJ11 Female - Female Inline Coupler useful to extend shielded communication cables for Plasmatronics PL regulator.[WRX-017]
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Adaptor - RJ12 Double  (3 x female) for PLI & PLS2
Adaptor - RJ12 T-Coupler (3 x female) - for PLI & PLS2Modular RJ12 - 6P6C Adaptor - T-Coupler/Joiner 3 x RJ12 female. Used to connect the PLI & PLS2 to a Plasmatronics PL regulator.[WRX-019]
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RJ11 Double Adapter (2 x female 1 x male) 4 pin
Adaptor - RJ11 T-Coupler (2 x female, 1 x male) - for PLI & PLS2Modular RJ11 - 6P4C Adaptor - T-Coupler/Joiner 2 x RJ11 female, 1 x RJ11 male. Connects 4 pins to 4 pins straight through.[WRX-020]
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