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Simple regulators only use the instantaneous battery voltage to determine battery state of charge. Other factors like temperature are not considered. There are two types of simple regulators:

Single Stage: Single stage regulators only have a single cut-in and cut-off setting. The battery is charged up until it reaches the cut-off voltage (typically ~14.5V for flooded 12V lead acid batteries). At this point the regulator stops current flow until the battery voltage falls below the cut-in level. The charge current is then turned back on and the cycle starts over again.

Two Stage: Two stage or dual stage regulators introduce a second pair of cut-in & cut-off settings. Initially (stage one), the battery is charged up to a high voltage and then the second mode (stage two) kicks in, which maintains the battery voltage at a lower level. The first stage is also known as "Boost Mode" and the second as "Float Mode".

We only sell dual stage simple regulators. They are tiny in size, ideal for small battery enclosures or narrow compartments. For a more sophisticated and yet inexpensive regulator we recommend the Sundaya Apple (5, 10 or 20 Amp) found amongst our budget pulse width modulation (PWM) regulators.

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Plasmatronics Regulator 24V 10A for Gel Cells
Plasmatronics - Charge Controller - 24 Volt Gel BatteriesA simple and ultra compact two stage, 24 volt regulator for charging sealed or gel lead acid batteries from photovoltaic panels. Charge Current: 10A.[REG-PR2410G]
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Plasmatronics Regulator 24V 10A for Wet Cells
Plasmatronics - Charge Controller - 24 Volt Wet BatteriesA simple and ultra compact two stage, 24 volt regulator for charging flooded lead acid batteries from solar panels. Charge Current: 10A.[REG-PR2410W]
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