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Faulty panel with label

1 August 2021
Category:  Rainbow Power

There are a lot of solar companies doing door knocking at the moment; much like any door to door sales, I wouldn't recommend buying what they spruik.

bore pump in field

1 July 2021
Category:  Sales

Dynamic head, flow, tank, speed, suction lift and dry run- sounds more like a marathon race at that time of month than professional pumping terms, but that's what they are.

Tesla at Lismore fair

20 June 2021
Category:  Rainbow Power

The RPC factory has been abuzz with excitement this month, with the purchase of our first 100% Electric Vehicle, a Tesla Model 3.

Transport is currently Australia's third-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. This means that although Australian households are rapidly adopting Solar to save money and reduce their CO2 footprint, transitioning our transportation network away from fossil fuels is a critical piece to solving the climate change puzzle.

Bruce Davis, RPC

1 June 2021
Categories:  Rainbow Power, Solar Systems

Learn about the minimum necessary components of a solar power system; panels, inverter/charger, MPPT regulator, batteries and wiring.

Power SolVA in manufacturing

1 May 2021
Categories:  Sales, Solar Systems

We at RPC are proud to be introducing the newest love-child from our barefoot brains trust; the Power Solva800.

Super Agent Andy

22 March 2021
Categories:  Rainbow Power, Sales

Rainbow Power Company is out-sourcing super agents in places where we feel that we can make a difference.

manufacturing area

24 February 2021
Category:  Rainbow Power

The orders for solar power systems here at RPC have not stopped or slowed down- if anything, they have ramped up!

sunset over panels

22 February 2021
Category:  Rainbow Power

We know there are a lot of options out there, so let's delve into why you can trust Rainbow Power Company with your hard earned cash.

hard at work

12 January 2021
Category:  Solar Systems

I grew up on a Multiple Occupancy in the bush, in the beautiful hills that surround Nimbin village. The property we lived on, while close to town as the crow flies, was made remote by twelve kilometres of rough bush track and winding, corrugated dirt road. The nearest mains power connection was over three Ks away, and the steep, forested terrain meant that to connect mains power to the property would cost many tens of thousands of dollars, even in the late 1970s when the community formed.

1990 AGM attendees

20 November 2020
Category:  Rainbow Power

A heartfelt thank you to RPC's Karlin Bracegirdle.

RPC staff in 2018

25 August 2020
Category:  Rainbow Power

From the back of a van to today's massive premises and online shop, RPC have seen a lot in its 33 years in business.

Channon market, 1987

25 August 2020
Category:  Rainbow Power

The 80's in Nimbin saw the hippies not only protect some of our most precious old growth rainforest, but the region also saw new technologies pioneered.

Rainbow Power Company from above

25 June 2020
Category:  Rainbow Power

As things slowly get back to 'normal', we at RPC have had a chance to step back and reflect on what is important to our shareholders, our staff and we hope- our customers.

A man breathing in nitrous oxide (laughing gas); source: Wellcome Images; License: CC BY 4.0

2 June 2020
Category:  Government

Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) is a potent greenhouse gas and can be addictive when misused, causing great pain and expense.

house with multiple solar arrays

30 May 2020
Category:  Renewable Energy

You've heard the renewables naysayers happily espouse coal and coal seam gas (or nuclear power!) when they speak of rubbish tips around the world filling ­up with unwanted solar panels

suburban home with solar panels

1 May 2020
Category:  Solar Systems

The heart of each photovoltaic installation contains a PV inverter. It transforms the energy collected by the solar panels into usable electricity.

tiny home with ground mount solar

30 March 2020
Category:  Solar Systems

So you have made the decision to power your tiny home with the sun? Congratulations! Solar power is now the cheapest most abundant energy source in the world.

RPC Commercial Solar

27 February 2020
Categories:  Electricity, Solar Systems

Have you thought about upgrading your business to solar? A well designed commercial solar system may have a ROI of as low as 2 years.

pump system next to water tank

14 November 2019
Category:  Sales

Whether you believe in climate change or not, the one thing that is certain is that we are living in a time of soaring temperatures with many parts of Australia in drought.

Powerplus batteries in cabinet

18 October 2019
Category:  Sales

Batteries have been seen as both the saviour and Achilles heel of renewable energy. Turning night into day! Battery technology isn't new either.

Climate Rally Benny Zable

25 September 2019
Categories:  Government, Renewable Energy

At last week's student strike I was asked to speak about how renewable energy and RPC can help people take action to solve the climate crisis.


26 August 2019
Category:  Government

As recently put by a well read commentator, we live in the Age of Mumpsimus, that is, an age characterised by clinging to traditional customs or notions although shown to be unreasonable.

rooftop with solar panels

28 July 2019
Categories:  Electricity, Solar Systems

Are you one of the millions of people wanting to not only save the planet, but also significantly reduce your power bills?

flat solar frame

1 July 2019
Category:  Solar Systems

When purchasing or building a new property, the way the house sits in the landscape is important.

Country house with solar panels

26 February 2019
Categories:  Incentives, Renewable Energy

Can you afford not to? For your family, your planet and your wallet, what makes sense (and saves you dollars!) in 2019.

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We install solar systems in Northern NSW and Southern QLD.

Gold Coast (from Coolangatta to Southport), Nerang and Hinterland (Beaudesert) and out West (Warwick, Stanthorpe, Killarney)

Northern NSW (Tweed Heads to Iluka, including Evans Head, Byron Bay and Ballina); the Far North Coast Hinterland (Yamba via Lismore to Murwillumbah) and out West (Casino to Tenterfield, including Drake and Tabulam, as well as Woodenbong and Bonalbo)

We also have sales agents in
Grafton:contact Andy Wilkinson directly on 0409 508 144, and
Tenterfield:contact Diamond J Legend directly on 0425 769 444.