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1 January 2022
Category:  Electricity

Power is basically a calculation of the workload that an electric current can do, and that workload is measured in watts.

RPC Commercial Solar

27 February 2020
Categories:  Electricity, Solar Systems

Have you thought about upgrading your business to solar? A well designed commercial solar system may have a ROI of as low as 2 years.

rooftop with solar panels

28 July 2019
Categories:  Electricity, Solar Systems

Are you one of the millions of people wanting to not only save the planet, but also significantly reduce your power bills?

person on cross road

13 December 2017
Category:  Electricity

Since December 1st, 2017, new regulations are in place in regards to your electricity meter. These new regulations are ironically labelled 'Power of Choice'.

grid connected house with batteries

9 June 2016
Categories:  Electricity, Solar Systems

The NSW Solar Bonus Scheme with its 60/20¢ feed-in tariff is coming to an end. Where to from here?

Latronics Battery Backup System

29 January 2013
Categories:  Electricity, Sales

The recent floods and storms have left 250,000 homes without power on the Eastern seaboard which has led to several requests for solar backup systems.

Solar Savings Graphs

5 July 2012
Categories:  Electricity, Solar Systems

Find out whether or not a grid connect solar system meets your needs and puts money back in your pocket.

high voltage power lines sketch

2 February 2012
Categories:  Electricity, Government

The Australian Energy Market Commission predicting a 42% increase in NSW retail electricity prices by 2014 due to the electricity networks being unprepared for the soaring peak demands.

11 January 2012
Categories:  Electricity, Government, Solar Systems

South Australia's fire services have moved to correct a growing assumption about house fires at properties where solar power is installed.

18 October 2011
Categories:  Electricity, Solar Systems

Due to rising electricity prices and the current lack of a regulated feed-in tariff (in NSW), we are getting a lot of inquiries to 'get off the grid'.

5 October 2011
Categories:  Electricity, Incentives

In NSW, customers who have missed out on the earlier Solar Bonus Scheme will be best using a net meter.

30 March 2011
Categories:  Electricity, Government

SOARING NSW power bills are partly due to flawed government regulation that encourages massive over-investment in towers and wires and pays inflated returns to state-owned electricity transmission and distribution companies, a report has found.

7 October 2010
Category:  Electricity

The director for the Institute of Environmental Studies at the University of NSW, Mark Diesendorf says 'the costs of the scheme were dwarfed by the huge increase in electricity bills necessary to pay for new infrastructure'.

27 July 2010
Categories:  Appliances, Electricity

In the production of LED Screens harmful chemicals like lead and mercury and other VOCs are left out of the process.

A chemical used to make LCD televisions and semiconductors could cause more global warming than coal-fired power plants.

8 July 2010
Category:  Electricity

Today, EnergyAustralia announced electricity prices are to rise by 10% within this year .

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