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cloud and battery

2 July 2018
Category:  Solar Systems

We are usually blessed with near perfect winters in Nimbin; cool nights and beautiful sunny days. Every so often though, we will get a cloudy week.

fridge with solar panel

13 June 2018
Category:  Appliances

Anyone going off grid needs to consider their fridge.

Victron BYD off grid solar system

4 June 2018
Category:  Solar Systems

Rainbow Power now has an off grid lithium battery system we are confident in putting our name and company behind.

balancing act

23 February 2018
Category:  Solar Systems

Just like in life, off grid systems are all about finding the right balance. Here are some of the common imbalances that we regularly see.

person on cross road

13 December 2017
Category:  Electricity

Since December 1st, 2017, new regulations are in place in regards to your electricity meter. These new regulations are ironically labelled 'Power of Choice'.

battery charge icons

22 November 2017
Category:  Renewable Energy

Nickel-Iron (Ni-Fe) batteries have some interesting features but are not recommended for grid interactive or off-grid solar systems.

B-Box Pro with 4 modules

6 November 2017
Category:  Sales

New in November 2017: Rainbow Power Company now sells the BYD B-Box, a modular 48 volt battery systems.

Tesla Powerwall 2

31 May 2017
Category:  Sales

Whether you are completely off grid, or you operate a grid connect system (or would like to), one of your major financial investments is in your battery storage.

GSAC roof with 360 solar panels

30 May 2017
Categories:  Rainbow Power, Solar Systems

In May 2017, Rainbow Power Company completed its largest installation so far, at the Goonellabah Sports and Aquatic Centre in Lismore.

solar panels with reflection of sun

9 March 2017
Categories:  Rainbow Power, Sales

Rainbow Power Company has installed 4 Megawatts (4,000,000 Watts) of solar panels in the last 20 years. So, what does that mean?

RPC from above

8 February 2017
Category:  Rainbow Power

Rainbow Power Company has advised on, designed and installed thousands of stand-alone and grid-connected solar systems. 30 years later, RPC is still going strong.

Rainbow Power Company Logo

31 October 2016
Categories:  Rainbow Power, Sales

Established in 1987 and still going strong (34 years and counting). Is your Solar Company still here?

Rock Pools at Woody Head

18 October 2016
Category:  Rainbow Power

During the 2016 spring break, Rainbow Power Company placed a Solar Powered Trailer in the middle of the Woody Head campground and opened it for public use.

enova energy logo

6 August 2016
Category:  Incentives

At the end of this year the Solar Bonus Scheme (SBS) will come to an end, which means the regulated feed-in tariff (FiT) of 60 cents per kWh will be replaced by voluntary tariffs that may or may not be offered to you by your energy retailer.

grid connected house with batteries

9 June 2016
Categories:  Electricity, Solar Systems

The NSW Solar Bonus Scheme with its 60/20¢ feed-in tariff is coming to an end. Where to from here?

LED cluster light MR16 fitting

20 March 2014
Category:  Sales

New im March 2014: Energy efficient LEDs that work on both 12 volt and 24 volt off-grid power systems.

j-Power Solar Panel on wall mount bracket

20 September 2013
Category:  Sales

New j-Power components arrived this month, including Plug-n-Play solar panels, a new versatile lighting kit and more accessories.

Flag of PNG

1 July 2013
Category:  Rainbow Power

Rainbow Power Company Ltd is pleased to announce the signing of a major contract with Western Power in Papua New Guinea.

Leoch Battery Company Logo

14 June 2013
Category:  Sales

We found a new inexpensive sealed lead acid battery with a high cycle rate that makes it ideal for renewable energy applications like hydro or solar power.

LED floodlight

10 May 2013
Category:  Appliances

Water-resistant LED floodlight (IP65) for solar battery systems - light up buildings, noticeboards, signs, gardens, entertainment areas, driveways ...

Latronics Battery Backup System

29 January 2013
Categories:  Electricity, Sales

The recent floods and storms have left 250,000 homes without power on the Eastern seaboard which has led to several requests for solar backup systems.

4 December 2012
Category:  Government

On November 16th, the Climate Change Minister Greg Combet announced that the solar credits scheme will stop at the beginning of next year.

toxic chemical warning sign

10 September 2012
Category:  Renewable Energy

Find out why you should not use Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries on a home solar system.

Sustainable House Day Logo

30 August 2012
Category:  Renewable Energy

Sustainable House Day gives people the chance to get a real-life look inside houses that have been designed, built or fitted out with sustainability in mind.

21 August 2012
Categories:  Appliances, Sales

Advantages & disadvantages of the three main types of light bulbs: halogen, fluorescent (fluoro) and light emitting diode (LED).

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We install solar systems in Northern NSW and Southern QLD.

Gold Coast (from Coolangatta to Southport), Nerang and Hinterland (Beaudesert) and out West (Warwick, Stanthorpe, Killarney)

Northern NSW (Tweed Heads to Iluka, including Evans Head, Byron Bay and Ballina); the Far North Coast Hinterland (Yamba via Lismore to Murwillumbah) and out West (Casino to Tenterfield, including Drake and Tabulam, as well as Woodenbong and Bonalbo)

We also have sales agents in
Grafton:contact Andy Wilkinson directly on 0409 508 144, and
Tenterfield:contact Diamond J Legend directly on 0425 769 444.