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Solva 100

27 April 2023
Categories:  Electricity, Rainbow Power, Solar Systems

RPC have a new stand-alone (off grid) solar power system to introduce!

Proudly Australian Made in our manufacturing warehouse in Nimbin NSW, these are our largest systems ever! The SolVA Commercial containerised solar power systems for extra-large projects and those dreaming BIG!

RPC recently completed installation of its first 100 kW containerised solar system for Mansfield Estate Eco Retreat in Port Macquarie.

Tesla Power Walls

27 March 2023
Categories:  Electricity, Rainbow Power, Solar Systems

There was a time when solar panels and the thought of renewable energy for all, seemed a pipedream, or simply the domain of hippies and fringe dwellers, not so anymore.

Now more than 30% of Australian homes have panels, a larger percentage per rooftop than any other country in the world, and soon the renewable energy feeding back into the Aussie energy grid will exceed that which is coming from coal.

Grey Nomad

21 February 2023
Categories:  Electricity, Rainbow Power, Solar Systems

Grey Nomads Making a Difference with Rainbow Power Company.

We sell both 12 volt and 24 volt (nominal) solar panels to match your RV's battery voltage. Our panels come in various different shapes and sizes to suit most vehicles/installation areas.

SolVA Series

7 January 2023
Categories:  Appliances, Electricity, Rainbow Power, Solar Systems

Reducing power use and load demands.

Although we prefer to quote customers on getting the exact amount of solar for their lifestyle desires, we also realise that there is often still a need for them to curb their energy usage.

Talaria at Rainbow Power Company

7 October 2022
Categories:  Electricity, Rainbow Power, Solar Systems

The Talaria STING electric dirt bike- now available at RPC.

Hi it’s the RPC brains trust- and today we’re talking to you about our newest product, the Talaria Electric Dirt Bike.

Appliances Energy Chart

7 November 2022
Categories:  Appliances, Electricity, Rainbow Power, Solar Systems

Reducing power use and load demands.

Although we prefer to quote customers on getting the exact amount of solar for their lifestyle desires, we also realise that there is often still a need for them to curb their energy usage.

Power SolVA in manufacturing

1 May 2021
Categories:  Sales, Solar Systems

We at RPC are proud to be introducing the newest love-child from our barefoot brains trust; the Power Solva800.

hard at work

12 January 2021
Category:  Solar Systems

I grew up on a Multiple Occupancy in the bush, in the beautiful hills that surround Nimbin village. The property we lived on, while close to town as the crow flies, was made remote by twelve kilometres of rough bush track and winding, corrugated dirt road. The nearest mains power connection was over three Ks away, and the steep, forested terrain meant that to connect mains power to the property would cost many tens of thousands of dollars, even in the late 1970s when the community formed.

suburban home with solar panels

1 May 2020
Category:  Solar Systems

The heart of each photovoltaic installation contains a PV inverter. It transforms the energy collected by the solar panels into usable electricity.

tiny home with ground mount solar

30 March 2020
Category:  Solar Systems

So you have made the decision to power your tiny home with the sun? Congratulations! Solar power is now the cheapest most abundant energy source in the world.

RPC Commercial Solar

27 February 2020
Categories:  Electricity, Solar Systems

Have you thought about upgrading your business to solar? A well designed commercial solar system may have a ROI of as low as 2 years.

rooftop with solar panels

28 July 2019
Categories:  Electricity, Solar Systems

Are you one of the millions of people wanting to not only save the planet, but also significantly reduce your power bills?

flat solar frame

1 July 2019
Category:  Solar Systems

When purchasing or building a new property, the way the house sits in the landscape is important.

rail carriage with solar panels

4 February 2019
Categories:  Rainbow Power, Solar Systems

A tiny Home might seriously reduce your carbon footprint as well as alleviate financial strain and allow for a better lifestyle.

Victron SmartSolar regulator

24 October 2018
Category:  Solar Systems

There has been a bug detected in the firmware of Victron's new range of Bluetooth enabled SmartSolar MPPT charge controllers.

cloud and battery

2 July 2018
Category:  Solar Systems

We are usually blessed with near perfect winters in Nimbin; cool nights and beautiful sunny days. Every so often though, we will get a cloudy week.

Victron BYD off grid solar system

4 June 2018
Category:  Solar Systems

Rainbow Power now has an off grid lithium battery system we are confident in putting our name and company behind.

balancing act

23 February 2018
Category:  Solar Systems

Just like in life, off grid systems are all about finding the right balance. Here are some of the common imbalances that we regularly see.

GSAC roof with 360 solar panels

30 May 2017
Categories:  Rainbow Power, Solar Systems

In May 2017, Rainbow Power Company completed its largest installation so far, at the Goonellabah Sports and Aquatic Centre in Lismore.

grid connected house with batteries

9 June 2016
Categories:  Electricity, Solar Systems

The NSW Solar Bonus Scheme with its 60/20¢ feed-in tariff is coming to an end. Where to from here?

Outback FLEXmax charge controller family

12 July 2012
Category:  Solar Systems

'Should I get a MPPT controller? Are they are more efficient?' We hear these questions a lot. Here is our answer.

Solar Savings Graphs

5 July 2012
Categories:  Electricity, Solar Systems

Find out whether or not a grid connect solar system meets your needs and puts money back in your pocket.

11 January 2012
Categories:  Electricity, Government, Solar Systems

South Australia's fire services have moved to correct a growing assumption about house fires at properties where solar power is installed.

18 October 2011
Categories:  Electricity, Solar Systems

Due to rising electricity prices and the current lack of a regulated feed-in tariff (in NSW), we are getting a lot of inquiries to 'get off the grid'.

9 December 2010
Category:  Solar Systems

A revolutionary product in the solar energy industry, designed for the general consumer who wants to gain energy independence from the grid electricity or use electricity obtained from renewable and ecologically-friendly sources.

1 December 2010
Categories:  Renewable Energy, Solar Systems

Rainbow Power Company expands the region for solar panel installations.

6 October 2010
Categories:  Government, Solar Systems

A summary of funny and interesting findings by the Australian audit / inspection program

6 October 2010
Categories:  Government, Solar Systems

Consumers are advised to choose established solar installers using quality panels and inverters.

25 August 2010
Categories:  Renewable Energy, Solar Systems

In the last years the sudden popularity of grid connect solar systems has far surpassed the amount of sales of stand alone systems.
Unlike a lot of the newcomers in the business we still develop and design the best off-grid stand-alone power solutions for remote areas.

5 August 2010
Categories:  Renewable Energy, Solar Systems

Nanosolar claims that its panels produce electricity at around 5 cents/kilowatt hour. This would be almost the same cost as power from coal and, currently, 33% of the cost of conventional solar systems.

Australias largest solar roof top installation

27 July 2010
Category:  Solar Systems

Trina Solar Panels have been chosen to Power Australia's Largest Roof-Mounted Solar Array for The University of Queensland.

8 July 2010
Category:  Solar Systems

Australian Geographic has written an article about the installation of the Nimbin 45kW solar farm to supply the town that will make Nimbin one of Australia’s most sustainable communities.

7 July 2010
Categories:  Rainbow Power, Solar Systems

NIMBIN is set to become Australia's most sustainable village after a development application to build a solar farm was lodged with Lismore City Council yesterday.

6 July 2010
Category:  Solar Systems

Beware of deals that seem too good to be true! We often make repairs on cheap panels and components not installed by us. Is your solar company still going to be there in 5 years time?

We install solar systems in Northern NSW and Southern QLD.

Gold Coast (from Coolangatta to Southport), Nerang and Hinterland (Beaudesert) and out West (Warwick, Stanthorpe, Killarney)

Northern NSW (Tweed Heads to Iluka, including Evans Head, Byron Bay and Ballina); the Far North Coast Hinterland (Yamba via Lismore to Murwillumbah) and out West (Casino to Tenterfield, including Drake and Tabulam, as well as Woodenbong and Bonalbo)

We also have sales agents in
Grafton:contact Andy Wilkinson directly on 0409 508 144, and
Tenterfield:contact Diamond J Legend directly on 0425 769 444.