Solar Battery - Home Battery Storage

Here's an incomplete list of solar companies that closed their doors, went through administration, receivership or liquidation, or were in strike-off state (currently being deregistered) when this list was compiled. Few of these companies would have lasted over 5 years:

  • 138 832 535 Pty Ltd (Formerly Redset Group Pty Ltd)
  • 149 974 701 Pty Ltd (Formerly Great Solar Solutions Pty Ltd)
  • 6Solar Pty Ltd
  • AAA Solar Pty Ltd
  • A Grade Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Abony Green Energy Pty Ltd
  • ACT Renewable Energy Pty Ltd
  • Advanced Clean Energy and Environmental Technologies Australia Pty Ltd
  • Advanced Green Energy Pty Ltd
  • Advanced Solar Systems Pty Ltd
  • Advanced Solar & Electrical Pty Ltd
  • AEG Solar (Australian Energy Group) Pty Ltd
  • Aeronergy Solar Pty Ltd
  • Agnew Electrics Pty Ltd
  • Aleo Solar Australia Pty Ltd
  • Armada Solar Services Pty Ltd
  • Asi Allens Solar Installations Pty Ltd
  • Aspire Solar Pty Ltd
  • Aspire Solar Commercial Pty Ltd
  • Augut Clean Energy Pty Ltd
  • Auscorp Alternative Energy Pty Ltd
  • Ausgreen Solar Pty Ltd
  • Aussie Clean Energy Services Pty Ltd
  • Aussie Solar Installations Pty Ltd
  • Aussie Solar Pty Ltd
  • Aussie Solar & Electrical Services Pty Ltd
  • Aussie Solar Services Pty Ltd
  • Aussie Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Aussie Solar World (International) Pty Ltd
  • Ausstar Commodity & Marketing Pty Ltd
  • Austech Solar Pty Ltd
  • Australia Onesolar Pty Ltd
  • Australia Sun Rise Clean Energy Pty Ltd
  • Australian Home Solar Pty Ltd
  • Australian Insulation And Solar Pty Ltd
  • Australian Micro Inverters Pty Ltd
  • Australian Renewable Energy Association Pty Ltd
  • Australian Solar Pty Ltd
  • Australian Solar Buying Group Pty Ltd
  • Australian Solar Charities Pty Ltd
  • Australian Solar Electrics Pty Ltd
  • Australian Solar Institute Limited
  • Australian Solar Inverter Pty Ltd
  • Australian Solar Warehouse Pty Ltd
  • Australasian Solar Energy Pty Ltd
  • Australia's Most Wanted Solar Pty Ltd
  • Auzion Solar Pty Ltd
  • Banksia Solar Pty Ltd
  • Bayside Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Beat Bad Energy Pty Ltd
  • Besmart Pty Ltd (trading as: True Value Solar - Cairns)
  • Best Solar Pty Ltd
  • Beyond Building Systems Pty Ltd (trading as: Beyond Building Energy)
  • Biosolar Australia Pty Ltd
  • Bi-Rite Solar & Electrical Pty Ltd
  • Blu Sky Solar Pty Ltd
  • Blueline Solar Pty Ltd
  • Blue Himmel Solar Pty Ltd
  • Blue Sun Energy Pty Ltd
  • Bright Solar Pty Ltd
  • Budget Solar Systems Pty Ltd
  • Calliva Clean Energy Limited
  • Capital Solar Pty Ltd
  • Cash Carbon Pty Ltd
  • CBD Solar Pty Ltd
  • Central Queensland Solar and Insulation Pty Ltd
  • Clean Energy Australia Corporation Pty Ltd
  • Clean Energy Certificates Pty Ltd
  • Clean Energy Consultants Pty Ltd
  • Clean Energy Developers Pty Ltd
  • Clean Energy Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Clean Energy Sydney Pty Ltd
  • Clean Energy Systems Australia Pty Ltd
  • Cleaner Energy (SA) Pty Ltd
  • Cleaner Energy (VIC) Pty Ltd
  • Clear Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Clipso Solar Pty Ltd
  • Coastal Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Combined Solar Pty Ltd
  • Community Solar Power Parks (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Complete Home Transformations Pty Ltd
  • CONEC2 Green Energy Pty Ltd
  • Cool Or Cosy Intelligent Solar Pty Ltd
  • Cooloola Coast Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • CS001 Pty Ltd
  • D C F X Solar Systems Pty Ltd
  • D H C Green Energy Pty Ltd
  • Decon Solar Systems Pty Ltd
  • Deljo Investments Pty Ltd
  • Delta Solar Systems Pty Ltd
  • Diamond Cell Pty Ltd
  • DIY Home Solar Pty Ltd
  • Dorost Pty Ltd (trading as: Clear Solar NSW)
  • Do My Solar Pty Ltd
  • Do My Solar (NSW) Pty Ltd
  • Do My Solar (VIC) Pty Ltd
  • Dr Green Solar Pty Ltd
  • Earth Wise Energy Pty Ltd
  • Easy Electrical & Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • EB Clean Energy Australia Pty Ltd
  • eco-Kinetics Energy Systems Pty Ltd
  • Eco Energy Solutions (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Eco Solar Systems Pty Ltd
  • EGREEN Energy Pty Ltd
  • Elite Solar Pty Ltd
  • Elite Solar & Electrical Services Pty Ltd
  • Emissionless Energy Pty Ltd
  • Energy Eco Australia Pty Ltd
  • Energy Eco Korumburra Pty Ltd
  • Energy From Sky Pty Ltd
  • Envirogreen Energy Pty Ltd
  • Enviromate Australia Pty Ltd
  • Enviromate Global Pty Ltd
  • Environmental Solar Pty Ltd
  • Environmental Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • EP Solar Pty Ltd
  • Everbright Solar System Pty Ltd
  • Evergreen Energy Australia Pty Ltd
  • Evolution Solar - Carbon Reducers
  • FGE Solar Pty Ltd
  • First Renewable Energy Pty Ltd
  • Five Star Solar Pty Ltd
  • Five Star Solar Power Pty Ltd
  • Fluorosolar Systems Limited
  • Fraser Coast Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Free Energy Australia Pty Ltd
  • Free Flow Solar Pty Ltd
  • Freetricity Pty Ltd
  • Future Wealth Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Genco Australia Pty Ltd
  • Genesis Solar Group Pty Ltd
  • Genesis Solar Installations Pty Ltd
  • Gippsland Electrical Solar&Insulation Services Pty Ltd
  • Global Green Energy Company Pty Ltd
  • Global Green Solar Pty Ltd
  • Global Solar Solution Pty Ltd
  • Global Solar Systems Australia Pty Ltd
  • GoEnergy Installations Pty Ltd
  • GoEnergy Shared Services Pty Ltd
  • Go Energy Services Pty Ltd
  • Go Green Energy Pty Ltd
  • Godwin's Green Energy Pty Ltd
  • Golden Solar Pty Ltd
  • Got To Go Solar Pty Ltd
  • Green Earth Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Green Energy Australia Pty Ltd
  • Green Energy Company Pty Ltd
  • Green Energy Consortium Pty Ltd
  • Green Energy Corporation Australia Pty Ltd
  • Green Energy Distributors (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Green Energy International Pty Ltd
  • Green Energy Morwell Pty Ltd
  • Green Energy Supply Company Pty Ltd
  • Green Energy Warehouse Pty Ltd
  • Green Solar Advisors Pty Ltd
  • Green Solar Australia Pty Ltd
  • Green Solar Power Pty Ltd
  • Green Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Green Solar Systems Pty Ltd
  • Green Solar Traders Pty Ltd
  • Green Solutions Victoria Pty Ltd
  • Green Spark Electrical and Solar Pty Ltd
  • Green Tiger Energy Pty Ltd
  • Greener Energy Pty Ltd
  • Greener Energy Australia Pty Ltd
  • Greener Energy Solar Pty Ltd
  • Greensmart Solar Systems Pty Ltd
  • GT Solar Pty Ltd
  • Guiliana Enterprises Pty Ltd (Formerly trading as: Sun Air Solar)
  • Hazy Enterprises Pty Ltd (trading as: Green Spark Energy)
  • Hollywood Corporation 2 Pty Ltd
  • Horizon Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • HTS Solar Pty Ltd
  • Hybrid Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Illumilite Pty Ltd
  • Impressive Solar and Lighting Pty Ltd
  • Infinity Solar Pty Ltd
  • Ingenero Pty Ltd
  • Inspire Solar (Greenhouse Express) Pty Ltd
  • Integral Solar Systems Pty Ltd
  • Integrated Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • International Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Into Green Energy Limited
  • Ismart Energy Pty Ltd
  • JBEC Clean Energy Solutions Pty Ltd
  • JP Solar Installations Pty Ltd
  • KI Solar Pty Ltd
  • Kings Of Green Solar Pty Ltd
  • King of Clean Energy Pty Ltd
  • Kleenergy Pty Ltd
  • KRS Electrical Pty Ltd
  • KRS Electrical Services (QLD) Pty Ltd
  • KRS Electrical Services (SA) Pty Ltd
  • KRS Electrical Services (WA) Pty Ltd
  • Lizard Solar Pty Ltd
  • Mackay Renewable Energy Pty Ltd
  • Metalcraft Solar & Insulation Pty Ltd
  • Metro Solar Pty Ltd
  • MGT Green Energy Solutions (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Mobile Solar Pty Ltd
  • Moore Free Energy Pty Ltd
  • National Solar Installations Pty Ltd
  • National Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Natural Light & Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • NEPV Solar Pty Ltd
  • New Solar Warehouse Pty Ltd
  • New South Solar Pty Ltd
  • No Deposit Solar
  • Northern Australian Solar Pty Ltd
  • Northern Solar Solutions NT Pty Ltd
  • NT Solar Australia Pty Ltd
  • Oetec Pty Ltd
  • One World Solar SA Pty Ltd
  • Operation Solar Australia Pty Ltd
  • Operation Solar Holdings Pty Ltd
  • Operation Solar Pty Ltd
  • Orca Installations & Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Outrage Green Energy Pty Ltd
  • Oz Solar Power Pty Ltd
  • Ozy Solar Pty Ltd
  • Pacific Heating And Solar Pty Ltd
  • PAK Solar Pty Ltd
  • Paradise Avenue Investments Pty Ltd
  • Paramount Solar Pty Ltd
  • Perpetual Solar Pty Ltd
  • Planet Power
  • Planet Shares Pty Ltd
  • Platinum Solar Australia Pty Ltd
  • Platinum Solar CC Pty Ltd
  • Pod Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Power Bright Solar Pty Ltd
  • Powergreen Energy Pty Ltd
  • Premier Solar (Qld) Pty Ltd
  • Premier Solar (VIC) Pty Ltd
  • Premier Solar Australia Pty Ltd
  • Premier Solar Commercial (Qld) Pty Ltd
  • Premier Solar Group Pty Ltd
  • Premier Solar IP Pty Ltd
  • Pro-Ro Electrics & Solar Pty Ltd
  • Pro Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Pro Solar Systems Pty Ltd
  • Pure Solar Pty Ltd
  • Q2 Solar Pty Ltd
  • Qld Green Energy Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Queensland Renewable Energy Pty Ltd
  • Queensland Solar Maintenance Pty Ltd
  • RA Power Group Pty Ltd
  • Regional Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Remote Area Power Systems Pty Ltd
  • Renewable Energy Applications WA Pty Ltd
  • Renewable Energy Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Renewable Energy Technologies Pty Ltd
  • Right Solar Pty Ltd
  • Rock Solar Pty Ltd
  • Schugarni Solar Systems Pty Ltd
  • Sealey Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Simply Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Smart Power Technologies Pty Ltd
  • Solagex Australia Pty Ltd
  • Solar 1 Pty Ltd
  • Solar Action Pty Ltd
  • Solar Array Pty Ltd
  • Solar Art Pty Ltd
  • Solar Bright Pty Ltd
  • Solar Bright Port Macquarie Pty Ltd
  • Solar Captain Pty Ltd
  • Solar City Enterprises Pty Ltd
  • Solar Connect Australia Pty Ltd
  • Solar Economy Pty Ltd
  • Solar Energy NSW Pty Ltd
  • Solar Energy Store
  • Solar Free Pty Ltd
  • Solar Freedom Australia Pty Ltd
  • Solar Guys Distribution Pty Ltd
  • Solar Hot Water Saver Pty Ltd
  • Solar Installations (NSW) Pty Ltd
  • Solar Installers Australia Pty Ltd
  • Solar Institute Pty Ltd
  • Solar Island Energy Pty Ltd
  • Solar Megamart Pty Ltd
  • Solar One Stop Pty Ltd
  • Solar Power Tasmania
  • Solar Rangers Pty Ltd
  • Solar SA Pty Ltd
  • Solar Sales Pty Ltd
  • Solar Sales and Services Pty Ltd
  • Solar Sales Australia Pty Ltd
  • Solar Savings Now Pty Ltd
  • Solar Service Victoria Pty Ltd
  • Solar Set Pty Ltd
  • Solar Shop Australia Pty Ltd
  • Solar Shop Group Pty Ltd
  • Solar Shop Monitoring Pty Ltd
  • Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Solar Solutions Victoria Pty Ltd
  • Solar Sunwerx & Everything Solar
  • Solar Supplies & Logistics Pty Ltd
  • Solar Synergy Pty Ltd
  • Solar Village Pty Ltd
  • Solar Water Wind Pty Ltd
  • Solar Water Wind Central Coast Pty Ltd
  • Solar Winds Australia Pty Ltd
  • Solarbroker Australia Pty Ltd
  • Solarcare Australia Pty Ltd
  • Solarco Pty Ltd
  • Solarco Albury Pty Ltd
  • Solarco Central Victoria Pty Ltd
  • Solarco Wagga Pty Ltd
  • Solarcore Pty Ltd
  • Solarcore Mackay Pty Ltd
  • Solarcore Townsville Pty Ltd
  • Solareco Pty Ltd
  • Solargen Pty Ltd
  • Solargen (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Solargen (SA) Pty Ltd
  • Solarich Pty Ltd
  • Solarmax Productions Pty Ltd
  • Solarsave Pty Ltd
  • Solarsave Leasing Pty Ltd
  • Solarsave (NSW) Pty Ltd
  • Solarsave (QLD) Pty Ltd
  • Solarscape Pty Ltd
  • Solarsmith Pty Ltd
  • Solartec AUS Pty Ltd
  • Solartec Australia Pty Ltd
  • Solartec Global Group Pty Ltd
  • Solartec Industries Pty Ltd
  • Solartech Electrical Services Pty Ltd
  • Solartech Energy Pty Ltd
  • Solartech QLD Pty Ltd
  • Solarwise Pty Ltd
  • Solco Solar Products Pty Ltd
  • Solenergy Pty Ltd
  • Southern Cross Renewable Energy Pty Ltd
  • Specialist Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Specialized Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Spectrum Solar Pty Ltd
  • Squeaky Clean Energy Pty Ltd
  • SSW Group Holdings Pty Ltd
  • Stuart Renewable Energy Pty Ltd
  • Stylemaster Solar Pty Ltd
  • Sun Check Pty Ltd
  • Sunergy Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Sunergy Solar Systems Pty Ltd
  • Sunrise Solar Installers Pty Ltd
  • Sunseeker Energy (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Suntek Solar
  • Sunvim Solar Systems Pty Ltd
  • Sunzone Green Energy Pty Ltd
  • S.X Solar Express Australia Pty Ltd
  • Sydney Solar Eco Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Tech Energy Corp Pty Ltd
  • Tech Energy Corp No 2 Pty Ltd
  • Territory Solar Clean Pty Ltd
  • The Green Energy Shop Pty Ltd
  • The Solar Company Pty Ltd
  • Total Green Energy Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Total Solar Installations (SA) Pty Ltd
  • Total Solar Installations (WA) Pty Ltd
  • Townsville Solar Installations and Services Pty Ltd
  • Triphase Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • True Solar Pty Ltd
  • TRUEnergy Solar Pty Ltd
  • Ultimate Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Unleash Solar Pty Ltd
  • Upton Ecoforlife Solar Trackers Pty Ltd
  • Urban Solar (Aust) Pty Ltd
  • Victoria Green Energy Pty Ltd
  • Victorian Clean Energy Pty Ltd
  • Viridis Clean Energy Limited
  • V-Solar Pty Ltd
  • WA Solar Sales & Service Pty Ltd
  • Your Solar Pty Ltd

Take your grid connected solar system to the next level by adding a Solar Battery - aka Home Battery or Home Storage System. Storing your own solar power will give you greater independence from the corporate energy retailers and will increase the benefits of your solar system.

Sizing the solar battery

A typical Aussie household ("working family") only uses about 30% of its total energy needs during sunshine hours. So a Solar Battery sized to offset most, if not all of your energy needs should be around 70% of your daily consumption (in kWh).

Of course, smaller batteries can also be installed and still have a great impact on your electricity bill as well as your carbon footprint. Generally, Solar Batteries with a capacity of about ⅓ of your daily consumption already double your solar yields.

Average use
per day (kWh)
Best Value
battery (kWh)
Min. required
solar (kW)
Best Size
battery (kWh)
Min. required
solar (kW)
8 2.41.5 5.62.5
12 3.62 8.43.5
22 6.63.6 13.55.5

Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla App Screen Shot

Tesla Powerwall 2 in combination with its integrated AC inverter makes a powerful Solar Battery system with emergency backup. The 13.5kWh Powerwall 2 is sized for installation in large family homes or even small businesses.

Powerwall 2 is rated for outdoor installation and requires no maintenance; operation is completely automated. The system is managed by the Tesla Energy Gateway. If permanently connected to the internet, Tesla warrants the battery for 10 years and you can monitor your home via Powerwall App.

Tesla Powerwall 2 AC System includes:

Tesla Powerwall

  • 1 x Tesla Powerwall 2 AC (Lithium Ion)
  • 1 x Tesla Energy Gateway
  • Labels, brackets, breakers, cabling
  • Installation within 50km of Nimbin
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Enphase - Home Energy Solution

Enphase battery with mobile phone app

The Home Energy Solution is an intelligent and modular storage system designed for residential households. The 2.4kWh Kit is suited for working individuals or couples but the system can also grow with the family.

The Enphase system comprises of a communication gateway and 2 x 1.2kWh solar batteries with integrated inverters. It continuously monitors the electricity production and consumption to decide when to export, import, charge and/or discharge. If there is a permanent internet connection, such data can also be accessed in a browser or mobile app.

The Enphase Home Energy Solution includes:

Enphase AC Battery
Enphase AC Battery

Lithium Iron Phosphate

Enphase Envoy-S Metered
Envoy-S Metered

Communication Gateway

  • 2 x Enphase AC battery (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
  • 1 x Envoy-S Metered Communication Gateway
  • Labels, brackets, breakers, cabling
  • Installation within 50km of Nimbin

Note: an internet connection OR mobile reception is required to commission the system.

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Why should I add a Solar Battery?

Electricity import and export on residential home, solar only

Graph #1

Regulated feed-in tariffs (FIT) are a thing of the past; most energy retailers only offer 6-12 cents per exported kWh (if anything) while charging 30 cents for imports. It is therefore more economical for households to use that home-made power, however solar production peaks during midday, but the demand is in the mornings and evenings.

Graph #1 shows a typical 3-bedroom home of a working family (using 8kWh/day) with a net-metered 1.5kW solar power system. About 33% of the household's energy is supplied by the solar panels.

Electricity import and export on residential home, solar and 2.4kWh battery

Graph #2

Solar Batteries store some or all of the generated solar power which otherwise would have trickled into the grid at a low pay rate. They are automatically recharged when your solar panels produce more power than is required by the household; at night or during cloudy periods, electricity is drawn from the batteries. Even small batteries can make a big impact.

Graph #2 shows the same 3-bedroom home, still with the 1.5kW solar system + 2 x Enphase AC Batteries (2.4kWh). Now the yields from solar nearly doubled to 65.1%.

Electricity import and export on residential home, solar and 6.4kWh battery

Graph #3

The fortunate owners of larger solar systems (3+ kW) can add bigger batteries which would meet the bulk of the household's electricity needs; the grid will only be ever used to "top up" or as last resort. Please note, Home Batteries are currently not capable of powering a house during a blackout. If you want to go the extra mile, please check out our battery backup page.

Graph #3 shows the same 3-bedroom home with a 3.5kW solar system and a Tesla Powerwall I (6.4kWh). Now the yields from solar are well above 90%.


Home Batteries must be installed by a licensed electrician, and ideally by someone who understands batteries. It should not take too long to upgrade an existing solar system provided that there's enough room for all equipment. Note: even outdoor rated batteries should not be located in direct sunlight.

SMA based Solar Systems

Enlarge © SMA

Most existing grid connect systems with an SMA inverter (e.g. Sunny Boy) are "battery ready" making the retrofitting of a SMA Sunny Island system seamless. The newer generation of SMA inverters allows for battery charging AND grid export (in case of excess). Older SMA inverters can still be used for battery backup and/or increased self-consumption (without grid export).

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Why should I buy from Rainbow Power Company?

Solar system components have some of the best warranties on the market: 25 year performance warranty on solar panels are industry standard, 5 to 10 years on solar inverters are very common. Home Batteries also come with a staggering 10 year performance warranty. But a warranty is only as good as the company that is behind it. Rainbow Power Company designs and installs renewable energy systems since 1987 and is still going strong (36 years and counting).

If you have any questions, give us a call or send us an email.

We install solar systems in Northern NSW and Southern QLD.

Gold Coast (from Coolangatta to Southport), Nerang and Hinterland (Beaudesert) and out West (Warwick, Stanthorpe, Killarney)

Northern NSW (Tweed Heads to Iluka, including Evans Head, Byron Bay and Ballina); the Far North Coast Hinterland (Yamba via Lismore to Murwillumbah) and out West (Casino to Tenterfield, including Drake and Tabulam, as well as Woodenbong and Bonalbo)

We also have sales agents in
Grafton:contact Andy Wilkinson directly on 0409 508 144, and
Tenterfield:contact Diamond J Legend directly on 0425 769 444.