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Technical Data

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Vertical Lift (C) - total elevation from pump to point of delivery? *

Bore / Well

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Delivery Pipe

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Internal diameter (ø) - internal size of delivery pipe? *
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Suction Pipe

Length (E) - length of suction pipe from inlet to pump *
Internal diameter (ø) - internal size of suction pipe? *
Suction Head (F) - vertical lift from pipe inlet to pump? *
Temperature - average water temperature? *

Extra Features

Cut Off - Turn pump off when tank is full? *
Dry Run Protection - Turn pump off when supply is low? *
Float Switch - Set minimum level for water source? *
AC Backup - Use pump with AC supply (grid or generator)? *
Framing - Do you need a frame to mount the solar panels? *

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We install solar systems in Northern NSW and Southern QLD.

Gold Coast (from Coolangatta to Southport), Nerang and Hinterland (Beaudesert) and out West (Warwick, Stanthorpe, Killarney)

Northern NSW (Tweed Heads to Iluka, including Evans Head, Byron Bay and Ballina); the Far North Coast Hinterland (Yamba via Lismore to Murwillumbah) and out West (Casino to Tenterfield, including Drake and Tabulam, as well as Woodenbong and Bonalbo)

We also have sales agents in
Grafton:contact Andy Wilkinson directly on 0409 508 144, and
Tenterfield:contact Diamond J Legend directly on 0425 769 444.