Surface Pumps

Water Transfer & Pressure Boosting

Surface mount transfer pumps are non-submersible pumps for water transfer or pressure boosting. These pumps are used to e.g. move water from a collection tank to a header tank, or to extract water from a dam. Our solar transfer pumps systems can deliver up to 32,000 litres per hour, or pump water up to 150m high (vertical lift).

The cost of a solar transfer pump system is directly proportional to the required litres per day and the vertical lift (also known as head). Nevertheless, a single solar panel can still lift water 60 metres or more.

Below are two typical solar transfer pump systems designed for Northern NSW. Many other configurations are possible (and available). The selection of the most appropriate pump should be based on the actual requirements (location, volume and pressure/head). Pump systems are supplied as DIY install kits only.

Transfer Pump System Guide
litres/day @ vertical lift Solar Pump System Price
9,300 @ 20 m or 3,800 @  60 m Lorentz PS150 Boost with 0.33kW PV from $3095
25,000 @ 20 m or 17,500 @  60 m Grundfos CRFlex 3-11 with 1.9kW PV from $6995

Transfer Pump System Examples

Lorentz PS Boost – Pressure Pump

Water flowing into trough

The PS Boost is a high quality pump designed for higher pressure, low flow clean water boost applications. They are typically used to pressurise water supplies but can also be used as low flow transfer pump.

The below system configuration will work best with heads of 0-20 metres (but can handle 60m), delivering over 2500 litres per hour (of full sunshine).

Lorentz PS Boost solar pump system

Trina 370W Solar Panel
Trina Solar

370W Solar Panel

Lorentz PS Boost
Lorentz PS Boost

Rotory vane DC pump

Lorentz PS150 Pump Controller
Lorentz PS150

Pump Controller

  • 1 x 370W Trina Honey Black® solar panel
  • Lorentz PS Boost pump
  • Lorentz PS150 controller (IP65)
  • Dry run sensor
  • Floating level switch
  • 4 m solar cable and MC4 connectors
  • 4 m motor cable
  • DC breaker (IP66) & DC isolator (IP67)
  • Installation & operation manuals

Price: from $3095

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Grundfos CR Flex – Surface Pump

Grundfos CR Flex Pump

The Grundfos CR Flex Surface Pump is a high technology multi-stage centrifugal in-line (non self priming) surface pump specifically designed for water transfer, irrigation and pressure boosting in solar powered applications.

The below system configuration will pump water up to 90m, delivering over 3000 litres per hour (of full sunshine). View Graph.

Grundfos CRFlex solar pump system

Trina 370W Solar Panel
Trina Solar

6 x 370W Solar Panels

Grundfos CRN Centrifugal Rotor Pump End
Grundfos CRN

Centrifugal rotor transfer pump

Grundfos MG Flex Motor
Grundfos MG Flex

Intelligent Motor

  • 6 x 370W Trina Honey Black® solar panel
  • Grundfos CRFlex 3-11 transfer pump system
  • Dry run sensor
  • Floating level switch
  • 4 m solar cable and MC4 connectors
  • 4 m motor cable
  • DC breaker (IP66) & DC isolator (IP67)
  • Earth stake
  • Installation & operation manuals

Price: from $6995

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Both Lorentz and Grundfos surface pumps are driven by DC brushless motors running at varying speeds depending upon the energy input available. Both pumps are designed for operation with PV solar modules and utilise MPPT technology to optimise performance. Both systems allow for optional connection of high and/or low level sensors. There are a few differences:


  • Requires pump controller
  • Can run off 12 or 24V batteries
  • Over-temperature and overload protection


  • All controls are in the pump
  • Can run off 230V AC (generator or grid)
  • Under/over-voltage and overload protection


Lorentz PS Boost as Pressure Pump

For a pressurised water supply a pressure switch and pressure tank is required. The pump will then automatically come on when a tap is turned on and will automatically turn off when the taps are closed.

For automated cut-off (e.g. when header tank is full) a float switch is required, or alternatively a float valve in combination with a pressure sensor.


Solar transfer pump systems are easy to install and instructions are provided. When pumping water from a dam we strongly recommend a filter to prevent grid and debris getting into the pump. Furthermore, the pumps should also be protected by a dry run sensor mounted on the suction pipe (included in above system price).

You could also employ an Off-Grid accredited installer and claim STCs. For example, the 6 Panel Grundfos Kit would currently create $918 worth of STCs. You may also qualify for other rebates.

Should you ever get stuck during installation or thereafter, phone and/or email support is available at no extra cost. Note: Rainbow Power Company does not install pump systems.

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