Leoch AGM Batteries

Leoch AGM Batteries

New in June, 2013

We found a new inexpensive sealed lead acid battery with a high cycle rate that makes it ideal for renewable energy applications like hydro or solar power.

The battery is made by Leoch® and is a valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery with absorbed glass mat (AGM) separators. It is therefore classified as non-spillable and maintenance free. Additional battery trays are not required for AGM batteries.

The deep cycle battery is part of Leoch's 'Scrubber Sweeper' line and comes as a 6 Volt battery in the well known L-16 shape. The L-16 shape features a low 'footprint' suitable for smaller enclosures. Dimensions are (in mm) 295(L) x 180(W) x 428(H).

The capacity at the 20 hour rate (C20) is 390 Amp-hours, and the life expectancy at 20% depth of discharge (meaning your battery remains 80% full) is in excess of 3000 cycles.

All our solar batteries are offered as a 12 volt set, which means you will get two of these beauties. .

Also, soon we shall have more Leoch batteries in different sizes and capacities. [edit 2021: the Leoch range is now discontinued]

Price Reductions

Despite the weakening Aussie dollar we managed to cut the retail prices for many of our other solar batteries; the sealed AGM batteries from Ritar were reduced by 15% and the German made gel batteries from BAE have come down even more.

Check out all our flooded, AGM and Gel batteries in our online shop.

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