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The failure of after market power systems for camper vans or motor homes is often attributed to some people's impression that solar equipment is inherently incapable. However, effectiveness can be assured when a power system is properly commissioned.

Even when expensive equipment is used, lack of competent design of the power system can lead to failure. Determining your daily power needs is paramount: equipment specifications, layout, and variables should be accounted for in a scientific process by an experienced designer. Recognising the difficulties encountered by motor homers unfamiliar with stand-alone power, the Rainbow Power Company offers a full design and installation service.

Lighting is one area where the best can be made of a power source. Standard lighting that comes with a vehicle is often inefficient and puts unnecessary strain on a power system. In the case of a failing power system, most people seem inclined to install more solar panels and batteries, which become both expensive and inconveniently bulky.

A new range of lighting equipment from Sundaya, (a Singapore based solar kit manufacturer for which the Rainbow Power Company is the sole Australia Pacific Region distributor), vastly enhances the efficiency and reliability of solar power. For cheapness, try their A-light, a 6 or 10 watt flat-mounted fluoro light fitted with a readily available Phillips tube. A pull-switch is mounted on the fitting and can be cut to any length or simply left 'on' to make use of existing light switches. Already, over 500,000 units have been installed world wide. The cost is very reasonable.

An effective power system will provide enough daily power for your chosen appliances and lights, and should also allow for a number of days' autonomy, where bad weather or long periods off the road prevent battery charging. The Sundaya battery packs used with a panel and LED Strip Light provides a save plug-and-play solution (and is easily handled by one person). Also manufactured by Sundaya are the 10 and 20 amp Apple Solar Regulators; with a charging regime typical of more expensive products (pulse-width modulation), the Apple outperforms the old-style relay regulators by simply allowing more power through to your batteries each day without overcharging.

Of course, trusted brands such as Kyocera and Trina solar panels, Ritar AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) batteries, Latronics sine-wave inverters, and Plasmatronics regulators make up the body of a reliable high-performance power system. A Victron high power battery charger allows reliable and powerful primary and back-up charging from a generator or a 230V connection. Rainbow Power Company stocks and recommends these products.