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Hydrometer (Gefo) - High Quality

Hydrometer (Gefo) - High Quality

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Workshop Quality Battery Acit Tester

Accurate Hydrometer

- Universal workshop device
- Sturdy design with straight plastic cylinder
- Small suction volume but large aerometer - broad scale
- Centred aerometer - no swinging, no lateral contact - correct fastreading
- Coloured scale and numerical scale

- Tests the Specific Gravity of the battery acid. - We recommend that the unit is rinsed with demineralised water after each use.

- Measuring range: 1.10 to 1.30 g/ml Graduations: 0.01 g/ml
- Suction volume: 18 ml
- Overall length: 470 mm
- Suction hose length: 200 mm
- Size of packaging: 45 x 48 x 260 mm


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