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Plasmatronics PL80 with LCD Display - 80 Amp

Plasmatronics PL80 with LCD Display - 80 Amp

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Solar Regulator for 12V, 24V, 32V, 36V & 48V Battery Systems
80A Charge - 40A Load

The Plasmatronics PL 80 Regulators are able to log all incoming and outgoing currents to and from your battery bank. Fully adjustable settings.

If you have large DC loads or inverters you will need a PLS shunt interface and an external shunt in order for the regulator to monitor them. The shunt interface and shunt is also recommended if you sometimes charge your battery with a generator.

Use up to three PL80s with a PLA for 240A charge current.

Please refer to the Plasmatronics PL regulator technical specifications or download more information (downloads tab).


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