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PowerPlus Energy - Lithium Battery - 3.3kWh - 48V

PowerPlus Energy - Lithium Battery - 3.3kWh - 48V

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PowerPlus - 48V 3.3kWh lithium battery

19 inch rack mountable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) modular battery.

- built, designed and tested in Australia
- 3300Wh of usable Energy
- 96-98% efficiency
- 5000 cycles @ 75% DoD (25°C)
- built-in battery management system (BMS)
- full recharge in 1-2 hours
- upgradable (add more modules in parallel as needs grow)
- long warranty
- safest Lithium battery chemistry (Iron Phosphate)
- neat installation (rack mounted)
- 63A Noark double pole breaker with each module (on front)
- Amphenol SurLok Plus Series plug required

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