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Powertech Lithium Battery - 100Ah - 24V

Powertech Lithium Battery - 100Ah - 24V

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A genuine 24V fully self-contained House Battery.

It will deliver up to 200 Amps for 10 seconds (no more, it is not a Starter battery) but it is far happier supplying up to 50 Amps continuously. This makes it ideal for powering 24V Trolling motors such as the popular Minn-Kota. No longer will you need to lug 2 x 12V Lead Acid batteries to do the job!

At 24kgs it weighs less than half of Lead Acid equivalents - if you can find a 24V one.

Indeed, weight savings (and space savings) are really even greater. It is also great for running a camp air conditioner.

It has a guaranteed life cycle of 2000 charges and features the following:

- Inbuilt power meter which reads voltage, current draw, remaining capacity etc.
- Low voltage cut off

Accessories: 2 x Rope carrying handles
Terminals: 2 x 8.0mm screw down with washers


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