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Powertech Lithium Battery - 120Ah - 12V

Powertech Lithium Battery - 120Ah - 12V

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120Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery from Powertech

The battery may look fairly similar to lead acid batteries, but internally they're a totally different (and much lighter). This 120Ah model can provide continuous current up to 100A with peaks of 200A. It's not suitable for a primary vehicle starting battery, however is absolutely perfect for house batteries, backup batteries, and virtually any other application where you would typically use a large lead acid / AGM battery.

An internal battery management system (BMS) ensures all cells are uniformly charged and discharged, as well as providing short circuit, over current, and reverse polarity protection. This provides you with a higher degree of protection than a traditional lead acid battery which is unprotected, and can discharge rapidly under short circuit conditions, causing fire and damage. The internal BMS will also limit discharge and manage cut-off voltage, to further protect the internal cells.

- Much lighter than Lead Acid and AGM Batteries
- Robust LiFePO4 Cells
- Excellent life span
- 1500+ cycles


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