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Roof Penetration Seal Kit - Dektite Mini Solar - 0-35mm

Roof Penetration Seal Kit - Dektite Mini Solar - 0-35mm

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Dektite® DFE Mini Solar - Roof Flashing Kit

The kit contains two red silicon, square base cones, screws and flashing adhesive. Superior one-piece design prevents leaks long-term. Suitable for metal roofs. For tile roofs we recommend the tile roof flashing sheet  [SFX-003]

100% Leak-proof when installed properly. Comes with a 20 year warranty.

Square base fits most holes (100 x 100mm)
World class polymer for longer life
No messy pleats - water just runs off
Won't crack or break
Suits wide range of pipe diameters (0-35mm)
Paint to match any roof colour
Aluminium base conforms to all roof profiles

Manufacturer: Deks


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