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Sunny TriPower Core1 - Commercial Solar Inverter - 50kW

Sunny TriPower Core1 - Commercial Solar Inverter - 50kW

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The SMA Sunny Tripower CORE1 - commercial solar inverter (up to 50kW).

Three-phase 50kW inverter from SMA for big commercial and industrial plants. 6 independent MPP inputs, 2 strings each.

The free standing string inverter is commonly mounted on flat roofs right next to the PV panels. It is installed up to 60% faster than other string inverters.

Scalability for maximum energy yields
- With a capacity of 50 kW, it is scalable up to the megawatt range
- Up to 150% overdimensioning of PV array
- Six independent MPP trackers guarantee optimal energy production for every use, even in shade

Consistently integrated concept
- Low balance of system (BoS) costs, simple project processes and low material expenses
- Twelve direct string inputs, DC disconnector and optional AC and DC surge protection

Saving costs: GP protection included
- Standards-compliant grid and PV system protection (GP protection) in accordance with VDE-AR-N-4105
-No external tie switch needed
-Significantly lower capital expenditure

OptiCool™ active cooling system
- SMA's intelligent OptiCool cooling system is reliable and ensures maximum energy production, even in challenging conditions
- Has proved its worth in over 75 GW of installed power worldwide
- Safe investment in solar
- Lower service cost

Smart Inverter Screen provides fast commissioning and saves time and money
- One-click commissioning: scan the QR code and access the Smart Inverter Screen via WLAN
- No need to waste time entering login details
- "Captive Portal" enables direct access to the home page of the Commissioning Wizard

Ease and comfort with SMA SMART CONNECTED
- Free automatic inverter monitoring
- Proactive communication in the event of malfunction
- Simplified logistics thanks to automatic replacement service
- Shorter and plannable servicing


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