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Trina Solar - Honey Black Module - 415W Solar Panel (2 x 60 cell)

Trina Solar - Honey Black Module - 415W Solar Panel (2 x 60 cell)

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Trina Vertex S - 415 Watt N-Type Solar Panel

This 120 cell (dual 6x10 matrix) module is the most efficient, highest performing mono-crystalline solar panel in its class.

A maximum module efficiency of 21.4%. Combined with Trina Solar's 12 year product and 25 year linear power output warranties,this is one investment that lets you rest easy and enjoy the sweet returns.

The panel can be used for grid interactive or stand alone applications. You would need a MPPT capable regulator or an AC bus system for the latter. Please note: the panel is 35mm thick (unlike some older Trina Solar modules).

* High powered 370 watt module
* Half-Cell layout (120 monocrystalline) PERC Technology
* Black anodised aluminium frame
* 3.2mm high transparency solar glass
* IP68 J-box with 4mm solar cable and MC4 compatible connectors
* Manufactured to international standards ISO9001, ISO14001
* 12 year manufacturing warranty
* 25 year linear power production warranty (90% @ 10 years, 80% @ 25 years)


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