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Triple NT1 HRC Fuse Isolating Switch - 250 Amp

Triple NT1 HRC Fuse Isolating Switch - 250 Amp

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NH1 Disconnect/isolator for battery and solar PV protection

3 position housing for type NT1 low voltage high rupture capacity (HRC) fuse links.

Commonly used to fuse solar PV array, batteries and inverter so system can be shut down quickly if the need arises.

Rated insulation voltage (AC): 690V
Current rating: 250A (per circuit)

Fuses to suit
FUS-4040 40A NT1 Fuse
FUS-4080 80A NT1 Fuse
FUS-4100 100A NT1 Fuse
FUS-4125 125A NT1 Fuse
FUS-4160 160A NT1 Fuse
FUS-4200 200A NT1 Fuse
FUS-4250 250A NT1 Fuse


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