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Victron MultiPlus - 430 Watt Inverter/Charger - 48 Volts

Victron MultiPlus - 430 Watt Inverter/Charger - 48 Volts

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Victron MultiPlus 48/500/6-16

48 volt inverter/charger with 430W continuous power output (900W surge) and 6A charge capacity and 16A automatic transfer switch (UPS function).

With the Multi Control Panel a maximum generator or shore current can be set. The MultiPlus will then take account of other AC loads and use whatever is extra for charging, thus preventing the generator or shore supply from being overloaded.

Where peak power is so often required only for a limited period, the MultiPlus will make sure that insufficient shore or generator power is immediately compensated for by power from the battery. When the load reduces, the spare power is used to recharge the battery.

The unit comes equipped with a VE.Bus communication port.


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